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Select commercial clients
Adidas, New Balance, Gatorade, Blue Cross, Milk, 7UP, Mattel, Reebok, Target, GQ, Verizon, Lexus, General Motors, The New York Times, Eva Air, Cordura fabric, Disney Consumer Products, Delta

Images published and featured by
Motor Trend, Barron's, Fast Company, Popular Science, National Geographic

Network credits 
Discovery, Nickelodeon, PBS, EPSN, CBS, MSNBC

- 4x Emmy nominations for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography
National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
- ND Awards, HM, Staking On, photo series

- ND Awards, HM, American Herder, photo series
- ND Awards, HM, Protecting His Flock 
- MonoVisions, HM, 2020 Recess

But... who am I?
Hi, I'm Jon!  I direct, I write, produce, edit and shoot.
I see story potential where others don’t. And can draw out an emotional core with sensibility and authenticity. I like feeding into a creative freewheel. Finding a way. Bringing a harmony to sets, where all are safe to do our jobs and be ourselves. I champion projects and cheer for all involved. 

I grew up in the home of a Dutch immigrant and artist. While making doodles in a small family studio, my appreciation for narrative imagery took root. Texture and reflectivity, light, shadow, rhythm and release... the relationships between. All this, along with a nostalgia for UB40, The Police and Enya. The many 80's jams that got the creative gears going.

15 years on and an MFA from USC film, my appetite to create with others proves insatiable. 

Reach out. Let's create and jam together. 


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