Here's Jonny!

I grew up in the home of an artist and painter. By shadowing in the family studio, my appreciation for narrative and iconic imagery took root.
This, along with an appreciation for 80's hits by Enya and UB40. Whatever got the creative juices going.  

I am grateful

For opportunities to have created for networks including ABC, CBS, CNN, Discovery, ESPN and PBS. Brands such as Delta, Lexus, Target and The New York Times. 


For four Daytime Emmy nominations and the recognition of
Outstanding Cinematography.  

For 13 years working with world-class crews and creatives. 

I am committed

To delivering on client needs. And then some.  

To collaborating and leading with kindness. Respect. Fervor.  

To contributing to a vibe on each project as inclusive and enlivening 

as a family studio. And whistling a little Enya or Florida Georgia Line along the way.   

I am motivated

By people, places, ideas and beliefs with integrity and heart.  

By the ability to inspire, generate hope and action, and bring about

change for better.  

Currently I create content for and supervise the video production team

at Koch Industries. 

Reach me here -